FORMER DOGS FORMER DOGS BELLE The most wonderful baby around. Died at age 10. Foundation of all my wonderful pups 195040332 Whitewater "Blue Boy" Blue is a 4 year old Charcoal male that is full of energy. 100 lbs of pure energy fetching machine! 169751571 Whitewater Jake Jake will be 7 on December 1st. He is a wonderful Chocolate male Puppy. He is extremely calm and loves to swim and fetch. 169749883 Whitewater "Blue Boy" Blue is 4 years old 176488371 Shortridge's Max Max is our retired male. He is almost 10 years old. Great dog with lots of personality. Produced a lot of white pups in his lifetime. Truly loves Belle! 169752177 Shortridge's Max Max is our retired male. He is almost 10 and is a wonderful dog with lots of personality. Lilly is his daughter. Max threw a lot of white labs in his breeding days. He truly loves Belle!! 169751815 Dixie Dixie is a smaller dog with nice head. Super Athletic and dock jumper at lake. 185923051 Cocoa Cocoa is a thoroughbred lab. Very athletic, calm with big body. 185923052 Cocoa and Jake Love Birds 185935350 Buford Fields 6 year old muscle man. Best built male dog I have ever seen. 170403031 Zada Zada is a daughter of my Precious dog that I once had, She is the grand daughter of my Belle dog who has passed. Sweetest Lab I ever knew. 185922976 Meade's Copper Cousin to Jake, 4 year old. Son of Precious. 170498279 Lilly Bella's 6 year old sister 192017191 Lilly Close up 192017193 Whitewater "Blue Boy" Blue loves the water! Retrieving Fool 197992101 Buford Fields My Cousins dog. Foxfire red male almost 8 years old 187459611 Buford Fields Son of my Belle dog. Great boy. Acts like a kid. The most muscular lab I have ever seen. 187459612 Whitewater Jax Was a great boy. Son of Gunner who produced some great pups with Goldie. He died way to young. 206282957 GUNNER He was a great dog. I have lots of his bloodlines left. was the most calm Lab ever and Huge. 206855095