Stud Dogs Stud Dogs BEAR Bear is also a big baby. I breed him to Gunners daughters 205958872 GUNNER Gunner is a baby. He is a gentle giant. 205958887 MO 205958874 MIDAS Midas has a beautiful color with beautiful eyes. This is a photo he is dirty in. 205958875 MO Mo is my largest dog. At 16 months he weighs 115 or so. he is a beautiful dog. Son of BEAR and Grandson of Gunner. 205958876 MO 205958877 MIDAS Midas is a really pretty boy around 85 to 90 lbs. Has a taller more American body 205958878 GUNNER 205958885 GUNNER Gunner is just a huge dog. Huge head. 110 lbs. 205958886 SAMSON This is my 2 year old grandson of Gunner. Sweet boy that I am now using as one of my stud dogs. 206547460 SAMSON 206547461