Whitewater Labrador Retrievers.
we breed for all colors; including Silver & Charcoal

We are a small kennel formerly  located in the beautiful hills of Eastern Kentucky.  We chose our name because we lived near the town of Elkhorn City, Kentucky.  (Gateway to the Breaks Interstate Park).  Whitewater rafting on the Russell Fork of Big Sandy River is a wonderful activity in our area.  Lots of Mountains for the Labradors to hike and run in. The Levisa Fork of Big Sandy is on other side of mountain from me and I can be at the backwaters of the Fishtrap Lake within 5 minutes from my home.  Great Location for a Labrador to keep you company.  I produce all colors of labradors including blonde, black, chocolate, silver and charcoal.  I also have a small network of  friends breeding these dogs so I can usually find a puppy somewhere for you.  Feel free to give me a call or text on my   Cell number 276-220-0350.  I now have my dogs located in Castalian Springs, Tennessee near Nashville.  However, my partner is still located in Pikeville, Kentucky so we have two locations for pickup.     Now I am a couple of minutes from Cumberland River and backwaters of Old Hickory Lake.  My dogs are surrounded by a creek for cool fun.    However, I will be traveling back and forth on the Cumberland Parkway because my wife and I both have parents in Pike County, Kentucky along with my dog breeding friend.   I can meet in Glasgow, London, Somerset, Hazard, and Pikeville, Kentucky as I pass thru all of these towns on my trips.  I also have a couple of friends who raise dogs with me.  They have about the same prices and a lot of the same bloodlines.  That way I can fix you up with them for a pup sometimes.  My friends and I have several litters of pups due in late October.   Those will be ready around Christmas for new homes.    


This is Hershey and Carly.  Hershey is my dog, I have two chocolate males out of her litter that are still available.     .  You can text at 276-220-0350 to see.  I will update on here as soon as I know where any pups are.  


This is Gunner.  He is a big boy!    9 years old now.   Not expecting any of his pups but his daughters are the mothers of 2 litters.  His grandson and daughters are in the other photos on this page.  Sylvie and Hershey are his daughters.  Mo is his grandson.   



This is MO on the left ands SAMSON on the right.  Both are grandsons of Gunner.  These are two of our stud dogs.  MO is in Kentucky at my friends and SAMSON is located here in Tennesse.  They are making their grandfather proud!  

 I have 2 chocolate male pups available at this time.  They will be ready to go home mid November.     My friend and I have bred a couple of dogs that should have pups available for Christmas. About any color available.  Just have to wait and see what is born.    We are starting a waiting list to notify you when pups are born.   If you want included on the list just text 276-220-0350.  Pups would be ready for rehoming just before Christmas.  Only color I definitely will not have is white.  Those will be Valentine pups if I get them bred.